Our ‘Spice Trail’ of India & Pakistan

Our ‘Spice Trail’ of India & Pakistan

Let our ‘Spice Trail’ transport you on an exotic culinary journey, across India and Pakistan…


Situated on the coast of Indian, Goan food is full of fresh seafood and heady spices. A visit to Goa will not only feed your eyes with the golden sandy beaches reaching out to the sparkling Arabian Sea, it will also tantalise your senses with heavenly aromas and spicy flavours. The culture and food in Goa are heavily influenced by its history, with a fusion of Indian and Portuguese cultures. One of the most favoured curries is the Goan Fish Curry, with its blend of haddock, coconut, curry leaves and mustard taking exotic flavours from both land and sea. It’s a deliciously quickly dish to make, the delicate fish gently bubbling in coconut milk, marrying with a fine curry paste. Fish lovers just can’t beat it!



Situated in the south east corner of India, Hyderabad is steeped with history and culture, with its ancient quarters and narrow lanes. Exploring the streets of Hyderabad will allow you to immerse yourself in its multilingual culture. Visiting the many chai shops and spice merchants and allow your senses explore the flagrant teas and aromatic spices. A favoured dish from this region by locals and tourists is the Hyderabadi Biryani. This delicately spiced rice dish is blended from Mughlai and Andra cuisines. The meat is marinated in spices, then layered between beds of fragrant long-grain Basmati rice. The Hyderbadi Biryani is full of delightful flavours, guaranteed to that tempt all varieties of taste buds.


Situated on the south west coast of Pakistan, Karachi is the country’s largest city. Known locally as the ‘City of Lights’ this cosmopolitan port blends historical architecture with eye-soaring skyscrapers. This multicultural city is wonderfully explored through one of our most popular dishes, Lamb Nihari. This slow cooked lamb dish is tantalisingly deep in flavour and spice; the meat ready to fall off the bone, when it is served at the table. Using 50 fragrant and aromatic spices from across the continent makes a Nihari both a mouth-watering and memorable dish. We serve it in traditional style, with punchy citrus side garnish, and a topping of chopped chillies and coriander, to add kick, flavour and texture to the dish.