Bradford curry houses – a changing culture

What’s happening to Bradford curry houses? Have we seen the end of the ten pints of lager and a vindaloo lads’ night out? Are today’s diners really more sophisticated?

Things are a-changing and have been for a while.

Here at Kebabeesh, we’ve noticed that people’s palates have grown more discerning over the years. We’d like to think we’re partly responsible for that. After all, it’s our mission to bring authentic and interesting Indian and Pakistani food to the people of Leeds and Bradford.

But the truth is more complex.

Old-style pubs have been closing as fewer people can afford a big drinks night out or the traditional pub crawl. Those that are still going have diversified into serving meals. It’s a trend that began in the 70s and got a helping hand from the growth in the travel industry, with growing numbers of Brits becoming increasingly more adventurous and experiencing the tastes of different foods from other countries.

More recently, we’ve grown more health-conscious and interested in what goes into our food. You only have to look at the number of celebrity chefs and cooking competitions we love watching on our TV screens to realise how much more sophisticated the average British diner has become.

And of course, the rise of the Internet and social media means that information is available in an instant. We’ve got recommendations for recipes, concerts, holidays and restaurants literally at our fingertips.

So what’s happened to washing down a vindaloo with a few lagers on a Friday night? It still happens. But now the lads are getting those vindaloos from their local take-away or even, dare we say it, the supermarket. Meanwhile the Bradford curry houses and restaurants are now visited by people who want to experience the authentic tastes they have to offer.

It’s a drastic but positive change. Food is now a way of learning about other cultures. And at Kebabeesh, we’re happy to oblige.